Gheorghe Sarau

I know the rromani language from God himself!

Posted in Uncategorized de gheorghesarau pe iulie 20, 2018

Well … I raised their Romani nation through a common Romani language, and some of them who woke up now (Romani extremists, Romani racists) curse at me, like I am gajeu/ a stranger, that is Romanian – and how do I know the language? That I could not have learnt the language so well, if only I had lived among the gipsies … What a blind, what a gregarious way of thinking! I know the language from God himself! When you go to the dentist, you as a Romani, in pain, you do not ask yourself anymore what origins the dentist has, right? You go to a SPECIALIST; you are not interested in his origins. They (those few noisy Romani racists who have smitten the on-line network  with dumps on my address on their personal blogs, etc.) say they want to write in Romanian alphabet … (!) That they want to give up the common Romani language in schools and to make schoolbooks on those four dialects … This will maybe happen in the 33rd millennium. Until then, God has put Mr. Prof. univ. Dr.Marcel Courthiade of INALCO Paris, as from 1982 until 1989, to design an international Romani alphabet, good for all the dialectal varieties of this language. And – because it is an excellent alphabet – the Romani International Union adopted it in April 1990 at the 4th International Romani Congress in Warsaw. And Romania, through MEN and cultural bright Romani leaders, since then, brought it to the school and university system since then. I, Gheorghe Sarau, entered the Romani linguistic movement in 1983, and in 1990, when I saw the official Romani alphabet, I brought my first Romani-Romanian dictionary into this official Romani alphabet at the Kriterion Publishing House, where I published it in April 1992 (it sat there for two years!). Then I made all the Romani textbooks and the Romani university courses, auxiliary materials, dictionaries, training structures for the Romani language, summer schools, university courses, university departments, for daily and for distance learning, series of Romani teachers and school mediators, etc, etc, etc. Now, after 28 years, there have appeared some detractors of the common Romani language (that is, the common language is how to say that, it is in Romanian, the language of ACUM, not Acu ‘, Acus, Acusi, Acusea, Acusica, Acuşilea, Amu ‘Amus, Amusi, Acmu, Acuma…),  the language of snow, snow blizzard, snowfall,- meaning, everything that is synonymous, everything that represents antonyms,- I have repaired the altered forms, I have put into work the means of enriching the language(trough old Romani suffixes, trough prefixes, composition, words borrowed from other languages),and so on as in all MODERN languages, without destroying the dialects as I have FALSELLY been reproached by the dilettante and racist Romani. I saved the language, I saved the pure lexic from the dialects, I ennobled it. I did what nobody did in this world: besides theory, I have implemented the fruits of my research. No one in the world has ever had whole SERIES OF SCHOOL EDUCATION manuals from the 1st till the 10th grade, plus the University ones! NO ONE,NOT A SINGLE PERSON NOWHERE, NEVER, and if they continue to denigrate  me and my Romani followers, they will be left with nothing. Because THE DEVIL DESTROYS AND GOD CREATES! I have worked with God and I will continue to do so! The wicked, the envious, the wretched, the ones tear apart of their PERSONAL weakness (not the honest and respectful Romani people) will fall and become dust because of their wickedness, envy and pride. Let the Lord take care of them! Amen!


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